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September 2017 Archives

When is violence considered self-defense?

There are many ways that a disagreement can lead to a physical altercation, but not all of them are treated equally in the eyes of the law. While the law generally frowns upon acts of violence, it does allow individuals to act in self defense or in the defense of others, as long as the circumstances meet certain standards. Self defense or the defense of others is the most commonly used defense against assault charges of many kinds.

Removal of conditional residency status after marriage

Your marriage to an American citizen likely did not go off without a hitch, but you probably expected some glitches along the way. Waiting for your visa to come through and coordinating wedding plans probably created some stressful moments, but now you are married and settled into life in the United States.

Aggravated felony charges tear immigrant families apart

If your family immigrated to the United States, you likely had strong reasons for leaving your home country. Perhaps you were facing hardships, you came here to marry or join other family members in Mississippi, or you simply needed a fresh start and new chances. You certainly hoped your children would benefit from the sacrifices you made to bring them to this country.

What should I say if I'm stopped for drunk driving?

You always thought drunk driving charges happened to other people, but now you're the one sitting in your car while the blue lights flash behind you. When the officer approaches the window, he or she may ask you a number of questions. Are you sure you know how to respond?

Mississippi does not apply marijuana decriminalization equally

Mississippi does not generally have a reputation as a politically or socially progressive state, but it is one of the states that has decriminalized carrying small amounts of marijuana. This may come as a surprise to many people who view the war on drugs as racially motivated, especially considering Mississippi's complex history of racial injustice.

Is it illegal to ship myself marijuana in the mail?

Several states have led the charge to legalize the recreational use of marijuana over the last several years, but that legal freedom has yet to come to Mississippi. While we do enjoy statewide decriminalization of marijuana, possessing, growing, shipping, and consuming it are still illegal.

Different types of driving impairment evidence

Possibly because of particularly misleading movies and television shows, many drivers inaccurately believe that the only factor that matters in a drunk driving charge is how much alcohol the officer can prove is in the accused person's blood at the time. However, this is not always the case. While blood alcohol levels are certainly a key factor, other things may contribute to a DUI charge.


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