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Is it illegal to ship myself marijuana in the mail?

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | Drug Charges

Several states have led the charge to legalize the recreational use of marijuana over the last several years, but that legal freedom has yet to come to Mississippi. While we do enjoy statewide decriminalization of marijuana, possessing, growing, shipping, and consuming it are still illegal.

Many residents of states — where marijuana is not yet legal — think that they can “game the system” by simply having someone mail them pot from a state that has already legalized the plant. Unfortunately, not only is this plan illegal, but it’s illegal on a federal level. The Postal Service is a federal entity, and all crimes involving mail sent through the postal service are by definition federal crimes. Obtaining marijuana within the state and risking a fine for possession — compared to ordering some through the mail and risking federal penalties which may include jail time — is a much less severe offense.

No problem, you might think, I’ll just use UPS instead of the Postal Service. However, private carriers reserve the right not to ship a package they suspect holds contraband, and they could contact federal authorities to report you. Ultimately, shipping yourself marijuana from somewhere else, even a state where it is legal, is still an illegal act and it could cause you to face serious drug charges in Mississippi state and federal court.

If you face drug charges of any kind, you may want to fight them. While Mississippi has relaxed some of its marijuana laws, the penalties for drug convictions are still heavy. An experienced attorney can help you scrutinize your charges and build a strong defense to protect your future from harsh punishments and fines.

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