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January 2018 Archives

Drug possession and intent to distribute

All drug charges are something worth taking seriously, but charges of possession with intent to distribute are very serious indeed. While Mississippi is surprisingly forward thinking in some areas of drug law, such as allowing for decriminalization of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute moves beyond a basic violation and into fairly serious, potentially life-altering legal territory.

Can driving after drinking one beer land you in jail?

When you get together with your friends or go out on a date with your spouse, you might be among many others in Mississippi who like to have a beer, glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage with their meals. As long as you are age 21 or older, that's perfectly legal. As a conscientious citizen, you know you're responsible for the choices you make regarding alcohol consumption and operating motor vehicles. The last way you want your evening to end is behind county jail bars.

Prenuptial agreements have restrictions

Creating a prenuptial agreement is an excellent way to protect yourself and the one you love as you plan for your life together. While many people still assume that prenuptial agreements are only used by those with great wealth or as a back door to a marriage, making it easier to exit, prenuptial agreements feature important protections that benefit couples even if they remain married indefinitely. However, these tools have their limitations, and those who do not understand these limitations may invalidate the entire agreement with some faulty terms.

Can you challenge your Breathalyzer results?

It is easy to feel completely trapped and without options when you fail a Breathalyzer test and receive DUI charges. In films and television, Breathalyzers often seem like infallible devices that produce reliable results each and every time an officer administers a test with one. However, these devices do have some weaknesses, and in certain circumstances, you may have grounds to challenge Breathalyzer results and possibly see the charges against you dismissed.

New tax laws affect spousal support

Divorce is rarely easy, especially when it involves ongoing spousal support. In many cases, individuals who divorce would prefer to not engage with each other after the divorce finalizes, but spousal support is an important part of the American divorce system, especially when one spouse enjoys a significantly higher income than the other.


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