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February 2018 Archives

Stepchild adoption and gaining consent

Forming a family in the modern world may require a little creativity and sacrifice. In some cases, members of separate families may want to legally bind together, which is often permissible, but complicated. Commonly, a stepparent may wish to adopt a stepchild, which requires some careful planning and execution.

Know your rights when speaking with law enforcement

Speaking to the police, no matter what the circumstances, always involves some level of risk. A police officer's primary concern is upholding the law, and if a person speaking with a police officer says something that the officer believes indicates that the person potentially committed a crime, the officer may take action to detain or question him or her. Before you speak with police in any circumstance, it is important to understand your rights.

When must police read Miranda rights?

At this point in American history, most people have at least a passing understanding of their Miranda rights because of how frequently television and movies portray a police officer arresting a suspect and issuing a Miranda warning. However, may people still do not understand when their Miranda rights apply and when a police officer must read a suspect his or her rights.

Understanding parenting time interference

Parents sharing custody or visitation rights almost always run into some conflicts from time to time, which is to be expected. Sometimes, however, the actions of one parent may violate the rights of the other parent to spend time with the child or develop a relationship. When one parent obstructs the parenting time or relationship of the other parent, it may constitute parent time interference, which can result in the loss of parenting privileges or even criminal charges in some extreme instances.


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