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What are the penalties for probation violation?

On Behalf of | May 12, 2020 | Criminal Defense

There are many people in the Jackson area who have made mistakes and have had to pay the price. When a person has committed a crime and is convicted, they often serve jail time and then are placed on probation. Probation is a supervised release where they are being monitored outside the jail by a corrections officer. If a person does not follow the rules of probation laid down by Mississippi law, there can be consequences.

There are many conditions of probation that must be met in order for a person to keep their freedom. Most probation rules include not committing another crime, reporting to the parole officer when required, remain within the state of Mississippi, refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages, pay the monthly supervision fees, support dependents, submit to all chemical and breath tests, not possess a weapon, and attend special programs or counseling, among other conditions.

Depending on the probation violation the court has the discretion to dictate the punishment for a defendant. The judge could reinstate the probation with additional conditions. Or if the violation is serious the defendant could not receive the original suspended sentence.

A legal professional who is skilled in criminal defense can help a person who is facing a probation violation. An attorney can help their client through this uncertain time and represent their interests in court. They may be able to reduce the penalties for the probation violation. An attorney understands that their client’s freedom is important to them and they will work hard to help the probation violation charges be dismissed or reduced.

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