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Types of relief for those facing removal from the United States

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2020 | Deportation Defense

Living in the United States as an immigrant can be difficult for many reasons, not the least of which is the threat of removal for certain alleged infractions. Removal, often called deportation, happens when an immigrant in some way causes their protected status to be altered under the law. When this happens to immigrants living in Mississippi, they can seek legal guidance to fight the process.

Defense options during removal hearings

During a removal or deportation hearing, an individual can present defense arguments to show why they should be allowed to stay in the United States despite the alleged claims made against them. Some of these hearing-based defense options include:

  • Asylum: A claim for refugee status to protect the individual from persecution in their home country.
  • Adjustment of Status: A path that alters an individua’s legal status from temporary to permanent under the law.
  • Voluntary Departure: An action whereby an individual leaves the United States on their own to avoid a removal hearing and potential bar from later returning to the country.

However, not everyone facing removal can use a defense option during their hearing. Others must wait until their proceedings have concluded to present defenses to their removals.

Defense options after removal hearings

It gets more difficult for an immigrant to stop a removal after a deportation order has been granted. They may seek to appeal the decision and have their case reviewed by a higher court. This process, however, is complicated and may not be accessible to individuals without the help of knowledgeable immigration attorneys. This post should not be read as legal advice and no part of this post should be relied upon as guidance for a particular case. Individual support should be sought from Mississippi-based immigration attorneys.


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