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Man arrested for violent crimes, other charges after bank dispute

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2020 | Criminal Defense

In Ridgeland and across Mississippi, people who are accused of criminal behavior in the past should be aware that they can face exponential problems if they are alleged to have committed other violations. Regardless of the crime itself, accusations of a series of illegal activities can lead to jail time, fines and long-term challenges. This is especially true if there is an allegation that the person assaulted law enforcement and tried to flee arrest. Although these charges are undoubtedly serious, there are still effective strategies to craft a defense.

Man with outstanding warrants arrested for resisting arrest, fleeing

A 30-year-old man was accused of behaving in a disorderly manner at a bank. Law enforcement went to the scene shortly before noon. The man was said to be disrupting bank operations, bothering employees and refused to leave. When investigating, it was found that the man had outstanding warrants for domestic violence and sex crimes. An officer attempted to arrest him, but he resisted. He then ran from the bank and to his car. They used their Taser, but it did not stop him.

He got in the vehicle and started to drive away. An officer was trapped in the open door as he tried to stop the man from fleeing and was hit by the car. He had minor injuries, but did not need medical treatment. The driver hit a police cruiser and drove out of the parking lot. A chase was initiated, but it became dangerous to continue pursuit on the local streets, so the man escaped. He was later found through his vehicle records and arrested. He faces charges for resisting arrest, aggravated assault, fleeing and more. Some of the charges are felonies. This is in addition to the warrants.

Legal help is essential with violent crime allegations

In this case, with the litany of charges the man faces, it is imperative to consider his legal options. Any violent crime will result in the possibility of severe penalties, but if the accusations involve resisting arrest, assault on law enforcement and fleeing, there can be a long-term jail sentence and a radically changed life. There may be alternatives available such as a plea bargain or a legitimate reason as to why the person behaved the way he or she did. A legal firm with experience in all areas of criminal defense may be able to help.


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