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Attempted escape attempt ends in multi-vehicle collision

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Driving under the influence of alcohol is always a mistake because the alcohol can impair the driver’s motor coordination and reveal his inebriation. Occasionally, inebriation can cause a driver to engage in conduct that will bring additional criminal charges and materially worsen his criminal situation. Such an event happened on Dec. 21 when police in Pearl attempted to stop an inebriated driver who then fled to Jackson.

The crime

The Brandon Police Department put out a bulletin asking for help in arresting a suspect who was wanted for a simple assault. According to the public information officer for the Pearl Police Department, a Pearl officer spotted a vehicle traveling westbound on I-20 that matched the description of the suspect’s vehicle provided in the Brandon Police bulletin. When the Pearl officer attempted to stop the suspect’s vehicle, the suspect continued driving west on I-20 and then exited on to I-55 northbound. The fugitive vehicle continued northbound on I-55 until he struck another vehicle containing two individuals.

The two people in the vehicle that was hit on I-55 were taken to a nearby hospital, but police have not released any information about their medical conditions.

Criminal charges

The fugitive driver was arrested at the scene and charged with several crimes. The principal charges are felony fleeing, driving with a suspended license, two counts of aggravated assault for the two crash victims and driving under the influence.

If the suspect had stopped when first requested by the Pearl officer, he would have faced a trial for his earlier assault charges and for DUI, but he would have avoided criminal charges for fleeing and the two additional assault charges. His fate cannot be predicted at this time, but the multiplicity of charges seems to pose an almost certain threat of conviction and potential imprisonment.

Anyone facing multiple criminal charges may benefit from contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney. A knowledgeable attorney can evaluate the evidence, suggest possible defense arguments and, where appropriate, negotiate a settlement agreement.


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