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Supreme Court sets new federal precedence for deportation cases

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2021 | Immigration

Residents of Mississippi may have heard the news about a Supreme Court decision that will set a new precedence for deportation cases. In a monumental decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the burden of proof will lay on the shoulders of immigrants who are facing deportation. Immigrants will need to prove all aspects of their actual eligibility to obtain relief from deportation.

How will this affect immigrants facing deportation?

With crackdowns on undocumented immigrants within the United States borders increasing over the years, more individuals are facing deportation. This new ruling can make life even more difficult for these immigrants.

Many immigrants who enter the United States without authorization are poor and do not speak English as their first language, making court appearances a greater barrier to legal appeals. Now, since the burden of proof is on their shoulders, many will likely find it difficult to fight deportation charges on their own. This is expected to lead to a quicker level of deportation for immigrants facing deportation.

Why can an immigrant face deportation orders?

While immigrants who cross the U.S. border without authorization do make up a portion of the immigrant population facing deportation, they’re just one group of many. Visa holders who do not follow the conditions of their visa can also face deportation.

Legal immigrants who commit various criminal acts can be deported. It’s also possible for immigrants who rely on public assistance to receive deportation orders. Any foreigner who violates the U.S. immigration laws can be deported.

As changes in immigration policy continue to take the limelight, the Supreme Court has set a precedence that will affect immigrants who are trying to avoid removal from the United States. If you’ve been served with a deportation order, it’s a good idea to contact an attorney to help prove your case.

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