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Who can you sponsor when you have your green card?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2021 | Immigration

Immigrants who are granted permanent residence in the United States will receive a green card. Green card holders in Mississippi and other states are authorized to petition to have other family members allowed entry into the United States. However, it’s important to understand which specific people you can and cannot sponsor.

What is sponsoring?

When a person petitions to bring their family members into the United States, it’s referred to as sponsoring. The U.S. government only allows citizens and permanent residents the ability to sponsor family members. The sponsorship process can take years to complete, and approval by USCIS is not always guaranteed.

Which family members can you sponsor?

Immigration officials put a very strict limitation on whom green card holders can bring into the United States. Green card holders can petition to bring their spouse and any unmarried children into the United States. They may not petition for grandparents, parents, married children or other close family members. Only U.S. citizens may petition for their parents, married children or siblings to gain access to the United States.

Chain migration

The term “chain migration” is meant to describe the overall process of a green card holder sponsoring a close family member and then that close family member sponsoring another family member once they get their green card. Once each person is granted their green card, they are permitted to sponsor others. This can result in a large number of individuals migrating to the United States.

When you receive your green card, it can open up the doors for sponsorship possibilities. While you may not be able to sponsor as many people as a U.S. citizen can, you still can bring some of your close family members into the United States to live permanently. If you’re thinking about sponsoring your family members, then you should consider getting assistance from an attorney.

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