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Can you fight your deportation?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2021 | Deportation Defense

Residents and families of Ridgeland and other areas of Mississippi may want to learn more about if it is possible to fight deportation, and what is presently in place to help. It is a fact that nearly 4,000 immigrants in the Washington region, including Baltimore and Maryland, face deportation every year. They do not have a lawyer to help. On the other hand, governments in New York and Los Angeles are providing funding to help immigrants through legal aid.

Studies show that immigrants are more likely to prevail if they have a lawyer on their side. According to the Washington Post, many of the immigrant households earn less than $40,000 per year. Those who cannot afford a lawyer, unlike the criminal justice system, go without one. The government does not pay for one.

Many detainees do not know the law

Across the nation, 86 percent of detainees do not have a lawyer. They are unable to make their case in court. Many of those who face deportation are asylum-seekers, human trafficking victims, and green card holders who need legal aid. You may not be able to fight your deportation if you do not know the law or have help.

Some people do fight deportation themselves

Statistics show that in Arlington, 11 percent of detainees who represented themselves won their cases. This compared to 25 percent who had legal representation. In Baltimore, 7 percent of detainees won; this compares with 29 percent who had a lawyer.

There is good news for some

Last month, the Southern Poverty Law Center announced a project. It will train lawyers to offer free legal representation to detainees who live in the Southeastern United States. This opens the door to deportation defense with a professional who knows the law. This is an important step.

You may be able to fight your deportation with knowledge of the law. Representation through legal-aid funds is now beginning to happen.

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