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How to prepare for an ICE visit

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2022 | Immigration

As an immigrant living in the state of Mississippi, you have many challenges to face. One of them could be unauthorized visits from agencies such as ICE. Keep in mind that the agents who work for the ICE agency do not have your best interest in mind. You will need to be prepared to deal with these intrusions.

You need to be ready for ICE

The best form of deportation defense is to have a strategy prepared in advance. You can work on this preparedness plan with immigration experts, loved ones and sponsors. Once it’s in place, you need to be able to stick to it.

If you happen to have a fence around your home, keep it closed and locked at all times. An open or unlocked fence is an invitation for ICE agents to enter your property whether you grant them this privilege or not. Make sure to record any interactions that you may have with ICE agents so that others can view them.

How to defend yourself against ICE

Agents of ICE have been behind a number of forced deportation initiatives. For this reason, you need to defend yourself against them. The first thing that you should do is remain calm. You do not need to open the door to let them in. If they enter your home, be sure to state that you did not give them permission.

Ask if they have a search and arrest warrant. Many times, they will not even bother to come prepared with these documents. If they ask you to sign anything, don’t. If they ask for any kind of statement, don’t give them one. It’s best to stay silent until help arrives. By following these steps, you can avoid incriminating yourself and hopefully have a better chance at avoiding further involvement.

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