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New intoxicated driving research for Mississippi drivers

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Blog, Drunk Driving

Most Mississippi drivers know how dangerous drunk driving can be – especially when up to 20 percent of all motor vehicle accidents around the world are caused by drunk driving. But even with that number in mind, it’s still a challenge to prevent drunk driving.

What we’ve done so far

Currently, driving under the influence is heavily penalized by our government. You can face suspension and jail time – as well as hefty fines – for drinking and driving in every state.

These charges follow you for life and for many people can be ruinous. There are plenty of public service announcements, social campaigns, and informational flyers around the dangers of drunk driving as well as the consequences.

Why do people drive drunk?

Even with the threat of criminal charges, people still get behind the wheel after drinking. It’s hard to know how to prevent these drivers from making that decision.
That’s partly because scientists haven’t been able to ethically research it. The research is being done, over in Sweden, but it’s incredibly difficult.

In addition, everyone has different alcohol thresholds. Some people don’t get drunk off one drink, while others get sloshed; so it’s hard to predict how much alcohol is too much.

Futuristic solutions for drunk driving

Drunk driving is such a problem across the world that researchers have suggested modifying cars to help battle the problem. Putting sensors, in-car cameras, and distraction detection software in cars might prevent drunk drivers from getting on the road in the first place.

A Driver Monitoring System (DMS) already exists and is used to detect drowsiness or distractedness in drivers. This technology might be in cars in the future, with modifications to detect other impairments.

Drunk driving can be devastating for everyone involved. While we can hope for better solutions in the future, drivers must keep the risks of drunk driving at the forefront of their minds.

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