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What is the overall impact of driving drunk in Mississippi?

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Drunk Driving

Drunk driving continues to be a significant problem in the United States, and Mississippi is no exception. Despite numerous laws and public awareness campaigns, people continue to get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, this has resulted in several profound consequences, from inflated insurance premiums to devastating fatalities.

The number of accidents caused by drunk driving

According to the Mississippi Highway Patrol, the number of accidents caused by drunk driving is alarmingly high. In 2022, during the holiday season, DUI arrests rose to 270 from 186 the previous year. In addition, there was an increase of over 3,000 citations issued in 2021.

In 2019 the state saw 170 DUI related fatalities and over 10,000 nationally. Alcohol-related incidents are costly, not just in terms of lost human lives but also property damage and medical bills.

The average cost of an alcohol-related crash is $13,500. Factor in all the costs associated with drunk driving:

  • court costs
  • insurance premiums increase
  • lost productivity

Drunk driving is a preventable crime, but it continues to take a toll on the state. So if you’ve been drinking, don’t get behind the wheel. And if you see someone else who appears to be intoxicated, don’t hesitate to report it to law enforcement.

The cost of drunk driving

Victims and their families suffer the most, but taxpayers also foot a large part of the bill. In addition to the direct costs of medical care and property damage, indirect costs are associated with lost productivity and quality of life.

Drunk driving is not only a crime but can also have devastating emotional consequences. If convicted of drunk driving, you may face jail time, a loss of your driver’s license, and steep fines. You may also be required to attend alcohol education classes or treatment.

But the emotional cost of drunk driving goes beyond the legal penalties. For example, if you cause an accident resulting in a fatality, you may have to live with guilt and remorse for the rest of your life. You may also have to deal with the anger and resentment of the victim’s family and friends. And if you are arrested for drunk driving, your family and friends will also be affected by the stigma attached to this crime.

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