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Attitudes towards drunk driving

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Drunk Driving

Drunk driving puts people’s lives at risk. A DUI-related crash could result in fatalities and catastrophic injuries to anyone the impaired driver hits. Drunk drivers may also suffer fatal injuries in a crash. Yet, despite all the warnings, many Mississippi drivers will get behind the wheel while under the influence. Some outright dismiss the dangers.

Attitudes and drunk driving

At one time, laws and cultural attitudes towards drunk driving were far more lenient. In time, the public began to understand the dangers of drunk driving, and laws changed to levy more severe penalties. The police became more vigorous in attempts to pull over drivers suspected of DUIs. Campaigns intended to raise awareness will continue to spread messages about the dangers. Yet, one in ten arrests involves impaired drivers.

Although many public awareness and educational resources stress the dangers of drunk driving, many people tune it out. Some might consider that the perceived benefits of consuming alcohol and the convenience of driving themselves home override messages about the dangers of intoxicated driving.

Ultimately, there are numerous reasons why people drink and drive. A person with severe substance abuse issues may not respond to any awareness campaigns because of physical and psychological dependency issues. Others may think only one or two beers won’t impair their ability to drive safely, even though two drinks could undermine their reactions and concentration.

Legal consequences

Regardless of why someone drinks and drives, drunk driving remains a crime. Persons arrested for drunk driving could face jail time, fines and other penalties. Of course, the arrest must be valid. When the police lack probable cause or do not perform field sobriety tests correctly, the driver could challenge the charges.

Others could request leniency at sentencing based on the circumstances. The particulars of the offense may factor into the court’s decisions.

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