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Understanding DUI Expungement And Your Rights

House Bill 412 was signed into law by Governor Phil Bryant following the 2014 Mississippi Legislative session. The law made significant changes to Section 63-11-30 Mississippi Code Annotated (Mississippi DUI Statute), including allowing first-time DUI convictions to be expunged from an offender’s criminal record.

Clear Your Record

With roughly 30,000 DUI arrests annually, DUI offenses are one of the most common misdemeanor offenses in Mississippi. Until recently, DUI convictions would remain on a person’s criminal record forever because they were not eligible to be expunged. As too many people have discovered, a DUI conviction is much more than a fine and license suspension. Having a DUI conviction on your record can affect your ability to find a job, your ability to travel out of the country, your credit score and your ability to obtain certain professional licenses.

Under the revised law, persons are eligible to have their DUI conviction expunged from their criminal record if at least five (5) years has passed after the conviction and the offender has successfully completed all of the terms and conditions of the sentence of the court.

You are generally not eligible for conviction if you:

  • Did not complete the terms and conditions of sentence as ordered by the court
  • Was the holder of a commercial driver’s license
  • Refused to submit to a breath or blood test (unless you were successful in removing the refusal from your driving record)
  • Had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) above .16%
  • Had a prior or pending DUI

Even if you qualify, you will have to provide the circuit court of the county where the conviction occurred sufficient justification as to why the conviction should be expunged from your record. When you contact us, we can explain your options and discuss your eligibility.

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