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Seeking Expungement To Clear Your Record

An expungement is a legal way to clear your criminal record. After having your criminal record expunged, employers and others should not be able to find your previous conviction when conducting a background check. There will only be a nonpublic record of the conviction. This nonpublic record is used by law enforcement to determine if you are a first time offender.

Clear Your Record

If you have a criminal conviction on your record, you can begin to rebuild your life by getting your record expunged. An experienced criminal defense attorney at the Mississippi law firm of Duncan | Kent, PLLC, can help. Our Jackson expungement lawyers can help answer your questions about whether you qualify and what is involved with clearing your record.

From our office in Ridgeland, we represent clients throughout the Jackson metro area and beyond, including the west Tennessee cities of Memphis and Jackson.

What Can Be Expunged?

  • Any first offense misdemeanor other than a traffic violation
  • Any criminal offense that was dismissed, the charges were dropped or ended without a disposition (never formally prosecuted within statute of limitations)
  • Felony that was dismissed following successful completion of Non-Adjudication or Pre-Trial Intervention
  • Certain felony convictions:

The Expungement Process

If you are eligible, we will gather all necessary information about you and the details of the offense. We will then prepare a petition requesting one of two types of expungement from the court:

  • Discretionary expungement: A hearing is held and a judge will determine whether the person is rehabilitated and whether expungement is appropriate.
  • Mandatory expungement: If all the statutory requirements are fulfilled, an expungement is granted.

Get A New Start

From start to finish, the entire process may take a while, even months to complete. Once an expungement has been granted, the court will enter an order that must be circulated to law enforcement authorities and databases. It can take time for the information to be entered and reflected on your criminal record.

We keep the process moving as smoothly as possible by submitting accurate, clear and timely documents and responding quickly to court requirements. We know how important it is to our clients to get a clear record. It can mean the difference in obtaining a job, housing or a loan.

We provide effective, aggressive criminal defense representation aimed at securing the best possible outcomes.

Free Initial Consultation From Criminal Record Expungement Lawyers

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