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It is important to get legal advice as soon as possible if you or a family member is facing the possibility of removal from the United States.

At Duncan | Kent, PLLC, we handle a variety of immigration issues, including deportation defense in Mississippi and California. To discuss your case, contact our Ridgeland, Mississippi, office at 800-445-3564, or call our office in Artesia, California, at 562-283-6672. We will listen carefully to your concerns and help you explore your options for a positive outcome.

Founding attorney C. Tyler Kent is a proud member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Reasons For Deportation

Removal proceedings — commonly called deportation — can be initiated for a variety of reasons, including:

If you are facing deportation for any reason, do not hesitate to seek counsel from an experienced immigration attorney. Depending on the facts of your case, it may be possible for you to remain in the U.S. if certain legal actions are promptly taken.

Avoiding Removal

Every immigration case is different. When you contact us, we can thoroughly investigate your specific case to determine whether any of the following solutions can help you avoid deportation:

  • Adjustment to permanent resident status
  • Cancellation of removal
  • Obtaining a waiver of removability
  • Obtaining an unlawful presence waiver
  • Applying for a visa
  • Applying for asylum

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We can advise and represent you throughout your immigration case, including any appeals you may wish to file. We serve immigration clients in the area of Jackson, Mississippi, and in the area of Artesia, California. To contact an experienced immigration lawyer, email us or call our Mississippi office toll free at 800-445-3564. Our office in California can be reached at 562-283-6672. We are here to help you.